Mudfish Cloud VPN FAQ


If you have some questions which doesn’t list on this FAQ, please leave your message on the following email or technical forum (

Do I need to turn on the program whenever I play game?

Yes because the private channel between your computer and Mudfish VPN server should be created.

Game is so laggy!

First it’d be meaningful if you could check your ISP status. Please follow the below step:

  1. Stop your all applications which do the network activities to make it idle. It includes Mudfish Cloud VPN, internet browser, bitTorrent and etc.
  2. Launch Mudfish Cloud VPN and sign-in. It’ll move to the dashboard.
  3. Visits “Status -> VPN Servers” menu and see RTT graphs indicating RTT status between your desktop and Mudfish VPN server.
    • Checks first how RTT values are stable.
    • Checks how RTT stddev values goes.
  4. If fluctuation of RTT graphs would be high, it means the network stability between your desktop and that Mudfish VPN server aren’t good
  5. If all status of RTT graphs are not good, it points that your local ISP network status isn’t good.

If your local ISP network status isn’t good, the workaround for this problem would be limited depending on your location and game. However if there are no problems on your local ISP network, please let me know with sending E-Mail (

How to check whether the traffic goes through Mudfish VPN server?

Normally, you’d like to know whether Mudfish Cloud VPN is working correctly and traffics are transfered to VPN Server. Justing visiting any web site isn’t enough because Mudfish Cloud VPN isn’t full VPN service meaning that only IP addresses set by the routing table are redirected to Mudfish Cloud VPN.

To see traffic activity of Mudfish Cloud VPN, please visit ‘Status -> Network and statistics’ of Mudfish Launcher while you’re playing the game or using other services. Please make sure that you set the routing table entries using ‘Settings -> Routing Table’ or ‘Settings -> Wizard’ menus.

If no traffics on Mudfish Cloud VPN, the graph’d like below:


No traffic on Mudfish Cloud VPN

If there are some traffics on Mudfish Cloud VPN consistently, the graph would be like below:


Traffics on on Mudfish Cloud VPN

How to automatically launch Mudfish Cloud VPN when Windows booted up?

I know some people want to do this on their machines but at this moment it’s not possible because

  • Mudfish Cloud VPN requires a root (or administrator) perssion to be launched.
  • For all binary files, it’s not code-signed letting Windows notify a warning message box whenever it’s launched.

However there are a method to do anyway as follows:

  1. Moves “Mudfish Cloud VPN” menu from Start button.

  2. Opens the property window of “Mudfish Launcher” icon.

  3. Modify the command which found at “Target(T)” box that as default, the following value is set:

    "C:\Program Files\Mudfish Cloud VPN\mudrun.exe" -L en

  4. Changes the command with -u, -p and -B options. For example, looks like below:

    "C:\Program Files\Mudfish Cloud VPN\mudrun.exe" -L en -u <userid> -p <password> -B

    <userid> and <password> fields point your account’s userand and password. (Please note that there’s a security issue because your password is stored in the plain text. We’re not recommending to do like this method).

    -B option is used not to open the default browser when the launcher is executed.

arp: AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF is using my IP address on reX

Sometimes you can see a message like the title from ARP protocol. It indicates that other user of Mudfish Cloud VPN uses same IPv4 address with you so packets could be directed to your path on Mudfish VPN server. This problem is caused:

  • When the server daemon managing the internal private IPv4 address crashed abnormally.
  • When you hiberated your desktop or laptop for long time then waked up without terminating Mudfish Cloud VPN.

To solve this problem, you should restart Mudfish Cloud VPN application.

Internet access is freezed (or got a hang) when I launch Mudfish Cloud VPN.

Hmm.. It looks weird for me that it’s not common to happen; hang of Internet access. I’m curious where you’re using Mudfish Cloud VPN that sometimes using the problem in the school or military network could make the problem. Or sometimes using it within small MTU (Maximum Transfer Unit) network environment could be problem.

Please do the following instruction to test whether the workaround could be working or not:

  • Open “Mudfish Launcher” using your web browser.

  • Moves to “Settings -> General”

  • Changes “Connection Protocol” from UDP to TCP.

  • Save it then restart Mudfish Cloud VPN whose icon is available at system tray.

  • Please make sure whether it’s applied or not by visiting “Status -> Process” menu of Mudfish Web UI. It’s checkable by searching the following lines:

    [0.807977] [INFO] re0: Connected to aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd:port (TCP)

If it solves your problem (hang of internet), it means your ISP (Internet Service Proviser) uses a small MTU size for packets to Mudfish VPN server. I think you should modify MTU size of TAP-Win adapter v9 on the control panel or you can send a problem report to analyze it using ‘Support -> Report a problem’ feature.

What’s ADN mode?

If you’re familiar with server chain feature of WTFast which be available in the advanced tab, it’d easy to understand because it’s almost same for purpose but in different approach.

Normally if ADN mode turns off, the packet from your desktop goes through one Mudfish VPN server then NATed (Network Address Translation) to the destination.

However if ADN mode turns on, the packet from your desktop goes through two Mudfish VPN servers you’d selected then NATed to the destination. This feature is useful if:

  • You couldn’t find a better route with normal mode.
  • Some network congestion is happening on your closer side.

What’s FastConnect mode?

This is one of available modes Mudfish Cloud VPN has. Normally with turning off this feature, Mudfish Cloud VPN client acts as a router pointing that a packet from your desktop to the VPN server is simply forwarded. This behaviour is a fundamental thing all other VPNs (based on PPTP or L2TP) protocol do.

However if FastConnect mode turns on, Mudfish Cloud VPN doesn’t act as a router anymore. It acts like the Layer 7 proxy and the destination itself. For example, if normal RTT between your desktop and game server was 140 ms, it’d be changed to 0 ~ 1 ms after turnning on FastConnect mode when you ping to the destination because Mudfish Cloud VPN mimics the destination.

What’s benefits from this feature:

  • If the game you’re playing is based on UDP protocol, no big difference using FastConnect mode or not.
  • However if the game is based on TCP protocol, there are big differences after turnning on FastConnect mode because
    • all TCP congestion controls are handled by Mudfish Cloud VPN not by your operating system.
    • all your TCP connections to the destination are applied with WAN optimization techniques of Mudfish Cloud VPN.

Mudfish Credits

A little Mudfish Credit is charged even if I’m not playing the game!

This symptom is very normal because Mudfish Credits are charged based on how many you used the traffics. It means that even if you didn’t play the game (just turnning on Mudfish Cloud VPN), the traffic could be used because:

  • your Mudfish Cloud VPN client connects with our VPN servers and sends small packets for heartbeat to keep.
  • Mudfish Cloud VPN’s network is based on Layer 2 of OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) indicating ARP and Broadcasting packets could be transfered from your desktop to VPN server or from VPN servers to your desktop.

Please note that the charged amount of Mudfish Credit would be very small and usages of traffic are always checkable at “Account Management” ( by visiting ‘Accounts -> Traffic Usage’.

However if usages of traffic are abnormal, please make sure that your account is kept safe and Full VPN feature turns off.

Mudfish VPN nodes

What’s nodes for having PBE characters on the title?

PBE is a word of League of Legends; short for Public Beta Environment. It points that nodes are for testing the beta features of Mudfish Cloud VPN problem. So please note that these VPN nodes are

  • Frequently be rebooted or restarted the system or applications.
  • Without notification, it could be changed to the non-free VPN node.
  • Without any notifications, it could be closed.